Axa went to our shoot with make up done by herself and hair as how she usually wears it on a daily basis. Our shoot location is in one of their houses and she’s very nonchalant and chill the whole time, even preferring to go barefoot.

Basically, this summarizes Axa’s whole personality and her fashion choices: basic and laid back but very elegant.

SOC: How would you describe your fashion style?
A: Minimalist… I like wearing clothes which are plain and simple but elegant.

SOC: Was it easy for you to find your fashion style?
A: I stick to the basics. I wouldn’t say I’m good at fashion but I choose clothes I can be comfortable in and can use again and again.

SOC: Have you worn something that you now regret (esp when there are pictures of that outfit?)
A: More than I can remember. That’s why I changed my ways and now I stick to the basics.

SOC: What’s your go-to outfit when you have nothing to wear?
A: Plain shirt and shorts for sure 🙂

SOC: Do you have favorite fashion brands?
A: Zara is usually the safest for me because they have more options that fit my preference. And usually Forever 21 for plain shirts.

SOC: Where do you usually shop?
A: In general I shop anywhere that’s affordable and can be used more than once.

SOC: When you envision a perfect ootd, what does it look like?
A: A loose plain dress, white or black or anything plain and nude in colors.

SOC: What’s the most daring/most unconventional outfit have you worn?
A: Anything tight is unconventional and daring for me. Simply because I can’t eat a lot 😂 that’s the only reason.

SOC: Do you have a “style uniform” or something that you can wear over sand over again?
A: Always! That’s why anything plain and basic is the safest.

SOC: Skirt or pants?
A: Skirt

SOC: Skinny Jeans or Elephant?
A: Skinny for sure

SOC: Mini, midi or maxi skirt?
A: Mini or midi skirt

SOC: V neck or Round neck?
A: Round neck

SOC: White Top or Black Top?
A: Both

SOC: Dress or jumpsuit?
A: Dress

SOC: With heels or flats?

SOC: Body bag or shoulder bag or tote?
A: shoulder bag